CMIS stands for "Content Management Interoperability Standard" and as the name implies, provides a standardized way for remote systems to access and reuse content stored in dotCMS.  dotCMS Enterprise Prime includes a CMIS Server implementation that will allow dotCMS content to be access and reused in systems that implement CMIS such as Liferay, Alfresco, Day Software, EMC, FatWire, IBM, Microsoft, Open Text, Oracle and SAP, to name a few.

To demonstrate what you can do with CMIS, try to download the "CMIS Explorer" and connect to the demo site.  This will allow you to browse and access content stored within the demo system.

get connected to CMIS

1) Download CMIS Explorer 1.0 »
     Note: CMIS explorer is a great cross platform tool
              developed and maintained by Shane Johnson

2) Enter Credentials:

3) Browse the dotCMS Content Store

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